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Resolved! HAL_Delay() stopped working

I have read most of the replies to posts that had the same problem that I am having with HAL_Delay() not working.  None of the solutions that I tried worked. It is apparent that the interrupt handler is never getting executed so any attempt to use HA...

Resolved! stm32 C Global Variables do not have their initialized values

Was working on an EVAL board stm32G474RE which has FLASH of 512K and RAM of 128K. Everything was working fine on the EVAL board. Now we received the actual hardware which is a stm32g474CBU. Very similar to the EVAL board but the FLASH 128K and RAM of...

Nabs by Associate II
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Problem with the ADC measurement with DMA and RTC

HII have a problem. I want to measure 4 channels of the ADC every 20 seconds (this is more time but for now it is like this for testing) through an RTC interrupt, then print by the serial terminal.What happens is that it shows me the reading every 20...

CCuev.1 by Associate
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Nucleo L476RG at 1.8V

I want to run a Nucleo L476RG at 1.8V at first glance it looks possible with a few caveats.according to the schematic (C03) are two regulators I need to be concerned withU4 w...

Qye by Associate II
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ST marking name

Hello. I bought a STM32G474MET6 chip on Alibaba and the supplier claims that the chip is original but I have some doubts. Here are the attached images he sent to me. Can you please check that and confirm if it’s genuine please ?      


CoreDebug->DEMCR default value

Hi,MCU - STM32H7I have noticed that the CoreDebug_DEMCR_TRCENA bit in the DEMCR register is set by default if a debugger is connected. But, I need to enable it explicitly (as shown below) if the debugger is not connected.    CoreDebug->DEMCR |= CoreD...

Luke_abc by Associate III
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EEPROM emulator corrupts STM32G431KBU6 program

Hi all,We deployed a lot of devices that have a STM32G431KBU6 controller.It basically has a foot switch to turn on/off a 12v DC motor and a rotary switch to control the speed.We use EEPROM emulator to save the speed setting.If speed setting is differ...

WSpar.1 by Associate III
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