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STM32 low power standby with 5 wakeup sources?

I would like to build a 5-button remote (RF 868 Mhz) and was thinking of using the STM32G031F6(The RF is provided using an external chip, similar to Si4455)However the STM32G031F6 has only 4 x SYS_WAKEUP pins.Is there anyway to wake up from standby u...

KMill by Associate III
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Unit Testing in STM32 cube IDE

Hi I need to start unit testing for a STM32 project in C how can I start a the testing, Can any one send some reference for STM32 cube IDE based Unit Testing method

AKHIL6 by Associate II
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Resolved! Port Related Issue

Hello, I was experiencing this weird thing lately with my STM32 Blue Pill board's COM Port.I'm using STM32duino (Blue Pill) with Arduino IDE. I've Already flashed the bootloader and installed the drivers for it. when i connect the board with my PC us...

Resolved! CRC calculation in STM32G4

Hi,I am working with STM32G491RE in my project. I have to transmit data through UART and I need to calculate CRC for that my application:txdata[0] = 0x78;txdata[1] = 0x04;txdata[2] = 0x11;txdata[3] = 0x01; I have to calculate CRC16 for txdata...

STM32L4 power consumption reduction

Hi,I've created a PCB with an STM32L4x6 microcontroller and several peripherals, mainly I2C. I want to sample data at 512Hz using the internal ADC. The original plan was to configure the ADC  with DMA and a timer, I'd put the MCU into other low-power...

lorant124 by Associate III
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I'm working on a bootloader with an STM32F072 device. At the end of the programming process, I followed the steps in the link below to switch to the user application:

Custom Bootloader and UART

Hello,I'm using an STM32F205 chip with custom bootloader. I am facing an issue, that when main application is loaded through the bootloader some of the uart's (USART6 and UART4) interrupt transmit (HAL_UART_Transmit_IT()) causes the stm32 to crash. O...

JThom.15 by Associate III
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