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Resolved! STM32H735RGV6 ADC Dual Interleaved Mode Single DMA

Hello Sir/Madam,I am working on STM32H735RGV6 for interleaved mode single dma. I am having problems while getting samples from the DMA controller with ADC. The problem is as the following.1. If I want to get 8192 or a smaller number of samples, there...

ErsinKuscu_0-1687347091567.png ErsinKuscu_1-1687347122125.png ErsinKuscu_2-1687347476097.png

Using CYCCNT in STM32G491RE

Hi every oneI want to use DWT->CYCCNT in my software for STM32G491RE. I used these 2 lines to enable it:CoreDebug->DEMCR |= CoreDebug_DEMCR_TRCENA_Msk; DWT->CTRL |= DWT_CTRL_CYCCNTENA_Msk; But when I see with the debugger it seems that it does not wr...

ADC temperature drift w.r.t reference voltage

Hallo EveryoneI would like to know the internal ADC temperature drift w.r.t reference voltage in STM32U585. I already found the info. related to  VSENSE linearity with temperature in Datasheet. But i am specifically looking for temperature drift w.r....

problem with Internal comp in STM32G4

Hi,I have a problem with the demoboard EVSPIN32G4 and also a motor control board using the STM32G431. The overcurrent detection using internal comparator triggers below the theory (10A insteand 100A for example). I tried to use as voltage reference V...

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