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A problem with STM STudio

When I want to import variables from the .elf file (generated by the TrueStudio, inside the Debug folder) into the STM Studio software, I get the below error. When I press OK and bypass it, it shows a list of variables, but none of them gets importe...


Can't build STM32F746 + LWIP project

I created a project for using the STM32F746 DISCOVERY board with LwIP utility (see image 1 and 2 ). As soon as the project was created i tried to build it but ended up not beeing able to do so and getting the following error(see image 3):Hope someone...

MEsco by Associate II
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Disable/enable interrupts globally on STM32F746

Hello,just a simple question. We share some data between ISR and application on STM32F746 processor (no RTOS used). How can we disable interrupts globally while application accesses the shared variables? Afterwards interrupts should be enabled again....

TechMarc by Associate II
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ADC Modes

FolksIs there a good resource for understanding various ADC modes in F303 family? There is much confusion about the terminology (regular versus injected, continuous versus discontinuous, etc.) The material presented in manual/datasheet are diffuse, v...

Amir1 by Associate II
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SWD-CAN bus Bridge

Hi everyone! I want to have ability to program and debugging STM32 MCU's via CAN: in other words, I like to have functionality of ST-LINK (including connection via STM Studio), but using CAN, not USB. How to implement SWD master, is a any source code...

KKT31 by Associate II
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Dynamic vector allocation in external RAM

Hi,I am currently working on a large project of my own on an STM32F7 cortex-m7 microcontroller in C++ using GCC. I need to store a wide array in an external SDRAM (16 MB) containing vectors of notes structures (12 bytes each). I have already a workin...

benoit2 by Associate II
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Is FMC burst should be done in software using DMA ?

Hello,We need to perform burst read and burst write in FMC (PSNOR) .HAL_StatusTypeDef HAL_SRAM_Read_DMA(SRAM_HandleTypeDef *hsram, uint32_t *pAddress, uint32_t *pDstBuffer, uint32_t BufferSize); HAL_StatusTypeDef HAL_SRAM_Write_DMA(SRAM_HandleTypeDef...

ranran by Senior II
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Problem of SPI slave transmit

I testing SPI using two STM32F411 disco.One is master, the other is slave.My problem is only work MOSI , MISO is not working.I attach my Two source code.This is setting of my disco board.Do you have any idea about error of Slave transmit of SPI?