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Resolved! About Parallel Communication

We want to do parallel communication. How can we do parallel communication with the following microcontroller?Is it possible to perform parallel communication by using I2C function?[IDE]STM32CubeIDE 1.14.0[MCU] STM32F412VGT6

UART transmission Issue in stm32g4

Hi,I am working with STM32G4.I am communicating with STM32G4 with other controller through  UART communication.I can able to receive the data from other MCU to STM32G4 all the time but sometimes I can't able to transmit data from stm32g4 to other MCU...

Resolved! I have a problem of using SPI in STM32H753VIT6 CHIP

Hello,I'm trying to do SPI communication with an ADE1201 chip through an STM32H753VIT6 chip.The maximum allowed frequency of the ADE1201 is 10MHZ, so I set the SPI to communicate with the MCU at 6.25MHZ.(The clock for SPI communication is 25MHZ, and ...

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KDG by Associate II
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filter algorithm

 Thanks for the response. which filter algorithm is best to find heading in stm32 mcu form 9 axis imu sensor?.Any documents or libraries available for same ?

Resolved! Using timer to save files in SD card with interrupt

Hi all,I'm trying to use Timer16 to create a 50Hz timer to save files in the SD card. I managed to make the timer work blinking a LED, but when I put the code to save it only saves one line. Here's the logic:First I create a file  and initiate the ti...

FPicc.1 by Associate III
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Resolved! NUCLEO-U5xx: USB VCP UART for U575 and U5A5 - for you

My project to have USB VCP UART working on NUCLEO-U575 as well as NUCLEO-U5A5 boards (via a compile macro).Use the USB-C USR USB connection as a USB based UART (COM port on host): any baud rate as supported by USB speed (FS vs. HS). There is a second...

tjaekel by Senior III
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Resolved! F4 I2S read only first frame is valid

I'm trying to read i2s data on F401 from a dummy master device with slow clock rate.The problem is that it only reads the first channel correctly, rest is gibberish, based on logic analyzer the rest of data is there. so I generate this simple test da...

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mrx23 by Associate III
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Resolved! stm32f746 ETHERNET issue

Hi, Could anyone help with this problem? Its driving me mad!!! I have designed an ethernet interface  for an F746-100 MCU I have changed pins to avoid using Port G and I have used the  circuit below. The RJ45 connector is a standard RB1-125BAG1A and ...

UART Bootloader with STM32Flashloader.exe and STM32G0

Hello, after a long search for an answer to my problem, I still couldn't find a solution. Perhaps one of you can help me.I use the MCU STM32G071RBT6 (with 128KB FLASH) and to upload .bin file via UART I use the old program STM32Flashloader.exe.  As ....