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Resolved! STM32H743 FMC LCD (SSD1963)

HiI have a question for my colleagues who use FMC to communicate with LCD. I am using CoreH7XXI with 743. The display does not respond to the data I send to it. I used Core4X9I with 429 before and everything worked. My question is whether I need to s...

Resolved! RAM data retention in Standby mode

Hiwhen the STM32F103 enter the standby mode, it has the lowest power consumption. And it said the voltage regulator is switched off. And all of the data in the RAM will be lost except the backup ram and register of the RTC.But I tested it, the data w...

HF.Wang by Associate II
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Hı everyone, ı was trying to design basic timer project in register level about toggling on related led pin every 1 second. However, the led is on a few seconds after that it is off and never becoming on. When ı do the same project in HAL library, it...

Resolved! STMH723 and LAN8742Ai PHY

Hi,I am working on a new product. For this I use the STM32H723 µC and the LAN8742Ai PHY from Microchip.Our schematics looks like this:We have a 25 MHz crystal connected to the STM32H723 (HSE). The MCO is configured to HSE. The crystal matches the clo...

sada1400 by Associate II
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USB FS Device parse_config_desciptors Error

Hello,I've enable a USB device as a virtual com port.  It works well however sometimes I get the following warning in CubeMX's console when I hit 'debug'.  The warning appears after I 'continue' after the first 'HAL_Init' debug break point."libusb: w...

LMorr.3 by Senior II
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I2C doesn't work after uploading (only sometimes)

I wrote a little program that reads I2C values with interrupts: The Problem is that sometimes it just doesn't work after uploading. I just have to run it so many times till it works (not changing anything in the code). It seems like its just coincid...

Senax by Associate II
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Resolved! Frequency PWM calculation vs real

Hi, I would like to understand why I don't have the right frequency on my PWM. I am working on STM32F103RG.I would like to have a 8Khz PWM on Timer 3 channel 1, so I have configure my HSI to 8Mhz. APB2 Timer is set to 8Mhz. Prescaler to 10 and ARR to...

ELECL.2 by Associate II
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