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Issue while using USART as UART

In our application, STM32 micro controller  USART protocol is used as UART full duplex mode. what will be the  conditions to use USART as UART full duplex mode?Already I have disabled CLKEN bit in USART_CR2 register. Though, disabling CLKEN bit in US...

Sruthi1 by Associate
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Input: Read RC signal to Ouput: ON/OFF led

Hi, I read input PWM signal from RC radiolink (done): duty_cycle range 675-1347And now I want to convert this signal to analog to ON/OFF led, I used MAP funtions and I don't know how to move read_RC to ON led, something's like analogWrite (read_RC, L...

ManhPham by Associate
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Resolved! understand mmw command

Question: I have an example here that assign TRACE_IOEN and TRACE_MODE to sync 1 bit from the DBGMCU_CR register (Address: 0xE004 2004) by using this command: mmw 0xE0042004 0x00000060 0x000000c0. What the 0x000000c0 doing in the mmw command ? my bas...

vrai by Associate
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Analog Watchdog Interrupt feature in STOP Mode

Hello, this is my first project here, I'd like to get some guidance please.  I work with STM32L073 Nucleo board, and along other features successfully configured Analog Watchdog Interrupt on PA4 pin, it works great in normal mode, but not when the IC...

SergioL by Associate
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external SRAM

it passes the 16bit test but fails the 32 bit testwhen i check a good board the D1 signal is high not fluctuating.any advice?  

nadeemtamuk191_0-1698861485235.png nadeemtamuk191_1-1698861536147.png nadeemtamuk191_2-1698861573998.png

Hall Sensor Interfacing Timer

Hello everyone,I'm trying to to use TIM2 as interfacing timer to capture 3 hall sensor inputs. I set the TIMx.CR2.TI1S bit to XOR combination and use OC2REF is sent to TIM1 through TRGO as exactly said in RM0008 Interfacing with Hall sensors section....

Berkan by Associate
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SysTick preemt

Is it possible to ensure that the systick is handled (or the timer that handles the ms tick), and at the same time not interrupt higher priorities unless the irq has been busy/active for example 1 ms?I guess the question applies for arm M0 - M4 in ge...

mrandr by Associate
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Resolved! How long is __NOP()

Hello,How long does the __NOP() function last?Is it the time of a cycle? Or 1/F = cycle time?My MCU is an STM32F401RE, and I understand that the maximum frequency is 84 Mhz.So 1/84 Mhz = 11.90 ns, is that the time of a cycle?In my case, if I loop 14 ...

AD_716 by Associate III
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Resolved! AN2606 missing STM32G4A1 series

I'm trying to configure the Bootloader for a STM32G4A1KE processor, but in the AN2606  I cannot find any information regarding this processor (family STM32G41). Although it is listed in the introduction section of AN2606, no further information is gi...

STM32L433 goes to hardfault after certen time lapse

Hello everyone, I am using STM32L433 with external crystal 12MHz. SYSCLK is 72MHz. i am using three usarts (1,2and 3). but after certain time period of execution lapse. STM32L433 goes to hardfault handler and executiion stucks, After debug found that...