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Disable nterrupt inside the IRQ Handler allowed??

Hello,i disable the interuppt after its execution is it allowed?void EXTI4_IRQHandler(void) { // Clear interrupt __HAL_GPIO_EXTI_CLEAR_IT(SYNC_UC_PIN);   // call function function();// the function enables an other interrupt of the same pri...

Jannaros by Associate II
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OpenOCD failed : stm32f4x.cfg:77: Error: invalid subcommand "newtap stm32f412 cpu -irlen 4 -ircapture 0x1 -irmask 0xf -expected-id 0x4ba00477"

Hi experts,We have created a project on WICED 43xx_Wi-Fi sdk for STM32F412 MCU+43438 wlan chip.We have connected st-link V2 debugger to the EVB and we could see "STM32 STLink"​ in windows Device Manager.When we used openOCD to flash debugger to EVB, ...

STM32F769NI Evaluation board NEWBIE

Hi AllI am just starting off with the STM parts and bought the 469 EVM. I got the touch ID with TouchGFX working and made some cool things but now it is time to start using the periphials on the board in bare metal C config.I am really looking to do ...

Can I use the Quad SPI memory controller peripheral on STM32F4xx series to access a PSRAM or SRAM IC rather than a flash IC, and have the data memory map as if internal RAM?

I am hoping to use the CMSIS/DSP libraries to work on data that I periodically store on external RAM. If it is important, my current plan is to use the Lyontek LY68L6400 PSRAM or the VTI7064 SRAM (more expensive). Both are 64Mb volatile memory ICs th...