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Flash EEPROM Emulation and Readout Protection

Hello,we want to add a flash EEPROM emulation to our software, currently for STM32H7 but I think the question also applies to other STM32 families. As the EEPROM contents must be preserved also over firmware updates I think there is a conflict with s...


Hello,I am using STM32G070CBT6 Controller. I am trying to write and read in 63rd page of flash memory . HAL_FLASH_Unlock(); __HAL_FLASH_CLEAR_FLAG(FLASH_FLAG_EOP  |             FLASH_FLAG_WRPERR | FLASH_FLAG_PGAERR); FLASH_PageErase(63); HAL_St...

How can i get CAN Error code

Dear I use bxCAN new HAL library I register notification by calling "HAL_CAN_ActivateNotification" and enable the following CAN_IT_ERROR and CAN_IT_LAST_ERROR_CODE and CAN_IT_BUSOFF and CAN_IT_ERROR_PASSIVE and CAN_IT_ERROR_WARNING.I'd implemented H...

SkyWork by Associate III
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Resolved! HAL SysTick interrupt is not 1ms!

Hi all...I having an issue with HAL SysTick interrupt on STM32F072B mcu:With default configuration (see the image) and an external 8MHz oscillator,if i toggle a pin in the SysTick interrupt, i get a state change every 0.75 ms instead of 1 ms...What i...

MBert by Associate II
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running multiple application in same flash memory.

i have have loaded two different firmware at different locations of the flash memory(stm32F303) .main program starting address: 0x80000000second program starting address: 0x80020000i have to call second program. main program is running perfectly but ...

Stm32 footprints

Hi ! Do ST released footprints library of chips for example for eagle?​Im trying to make new library device for schematic and pcb. But it would be superb if I could just download it.​Stm32f103c8 lqfp48

oeliks by Senior
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