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Resolved! STM32 GPIO pin small output voltage

Hi,I am switching PB12 on/off with 1 second delay on STM32F030C8T6. Measuring with the multimeter, the HIGH state is only 0.2 volts, even though Vdd is 3.3V. I have turned off all things that could be drawing too much power from the MCU. Other pins o...

JS8 by Associate III
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Timer 1 output pin not performing PWM

I have defined PE9 as belonging to Timer 1;I setup timer 1 as PWM as shown above.When I enable the timer, nothing happens at PE9.I tried setting force  high; no changeWhen I define PE9 as standard output forced high, it goes high.  So I know that the...

Leroy3 by Associate II
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Why led isn't blinking when i press the button?

I am tring to write a code for stm32f401cb which will blink the led when i press the led and when i leave pressing the button,it will turn out the led.I have set channel ahb1 which connects to port a and b in my microprocessor f401cb and i chose inpu...

hold button.PNG

How to start PWM using the registers.

What am I doing wrong?Why is PWM don't work on the STM32F767ZI? RCC->APB2ENR |= 1; // Enable clock for TIM1 on APB2. RCC->AHB1ENR |= RCC_AHB1ENR_GPIOEEN; // Enable clock for GPIOE port on AHB1. GPIOE->MODER &= ~(1 << 18); // Clear/reset PE9 mode. GP...

Q1.png Q2.png Q3.png
DK.7 by Senior
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About H563 IAP

Used nucleo-h563zi board.Below is bootloader jump.Below is app. question:I first download app through CubeIde,this code is run success,and every function is OK.But i reset this board,the code will enter NMI interrupt. 

Sunwaz_0-1705568171944.png Sunwaz_1-1705568203111.png
Sunwaz by Associate III
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Resolved! STM32F070RBT using PLL with HSI RC

Evaluating the STM32F070RBT6 for a project, and using STM32CubeMX V6.10 I am unable to connect the PLL to the HSI RC. It all works ok if I use HSE.I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong. 

CWedg.1 by Associate II
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Combining bootloader and application code binary file

Hi, For our project we have one Bootloader in 0X80000000 and application program in 0X80001c00. We have to combine both of these binary files and load it in to our controller. What is the best way to combine two binaries ? We are using windows platfo...

Resolved! STM32U575: VDD 1.8V and USBVDD 3.3V - FAILs (no USB)

I want  to run MCU with VDD 1.8V (in order to have all I/O-signals as 1.8V). I changed to use a LQFP64 package which provides a dedicated pin for VDDUSB.I power VDDUSB with 3.3V (for sure not below 2.7V) but all other VDDs on MCU are 1.8V:USB functio...

tjaekel by Senior III
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SMT32F042K6T7 temperature issue

Hello, I am using STM32F042K6T7 microcontroller for doing some start-up configuration for some Ethernet PHYs by SMI, it is working well at room temperature, and cold (-40°C), but when I increase temperature max (+74°C) the microcontroller it seems is...