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SPI/DMA Setup for Burst SPI reads

Posted on November 06, 2017 at 10:37HelloI am interfacing the STM32F407 with the ADE9000 chip that supports burst reads which means, after requesting a data set (write command from STM32F4) I can clock out as many bytes I can, the chip increments th...

STM32L476RG Nucleo Board

I was wondering if i were able to put 3.8V on the E5V power line. I checked in the User Manual and there is standing this at page 21: E5V CN7 pin 6 4.75 V to 5.25 V 500 mAWhen i look at the datasheet of the step down converter (LD39050):https://www.s...

Fde W.1 by Associate II
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Error! Failed to read target status

Hello everyone, I am trying to run a program on my board. I could use the same method to debug the program on a different chip but now it is not working on this board. I am using the st-link v2 programmer. but I get this error:***********************...

BMano by Associate II
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Rst Pin going low 2 times per second

I all. I am working on a bruhsless motor applicaiton with a STM32F103RCT6 MCU. I got twice the same problem on my board which ended first time by changing the MCU. Before removing a second MCU, I would like to understand the problem. My board has a s...

Onorm.1 by Associate II
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Op-Amp on STM32G474RE

I have been trying to program the Op-Amps on STM32G474RE using the latest STM32CUBEG4 version 1.2 and my version of STM32CUBEMX is version 5.6.1. I am trying to get PGA mode to work. In STM32CUBEMX, I selected PGA connected. When I tried to bias one...

squek by Associate
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Arm Cortex

Hello everyone !I wanted to ask you please what type of document I can see for information on Cortex M3 / M4 / M7 processors, I would like to see the generic versus specific instruction sets, optimized execution, etc.Do you have an idea ?Thank you ve...

ABras.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! Trying to figure out I2C TIMING register

I am trying to implement I2C communication with L432KC (bare metal coding) to interface peripherals like port expander, eeprom. But I am having a hard time figuring out the TIMING register. I have several questions:tPRESC = (PRESC+1) x tI2CCLKThis is...

KSchr.11 by Associate II
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