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Resolved! Confusion about ADC sampling speed and sampled value

Hello.I am very new in using STM32. I am using STM32H747I-DISCO board. For my project, I only need one ADC in differential mode. Previously, I tried to use DMA with ADC but it never worked, even the "ADC dual mode interleaved" example provided by st ...

rakib2023 by Associate III
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Dual Flash Memory Bank Swap

I want to try dual-bank project in my STM32F429 Board. So I am using Stm32Cube : IAP-LWIP Example for the this project. I am using 0x08000000 address for the BANK1 and also I am using 0x08100000 address for the BANK2.When I start the BANK1, than I re...

DCtech by Associate II
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Boot to soft (STM32L151)

Hi,II have a BIG problem: at a certain time, I was able to jump from bootloader to a soft but I can't do it anymore. Perhaps I modified something in the soft (it was with STMCubeIde but, sorry, I hate STMCubeIde because every time you change your pro...

JFELI.13 by Associate III
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Resolved! STM32F4 Init Vector Table

Posted on March 14, 2018 at 01:06Hi, I'm following a TI tutorial where the author is creating a Init Vector to determine which exception and interrupts are able to that program...He's basically creating an array of pointers to int and pass function ...

Resolved! Prevent speculative access using PRIVDEFENA

After facing some weird stability issues on the STM32F7 we have setup the MPU according to the recommendations presented in "MPU usage in STM32 with ARM CortexM7":

naibaf by Associate
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Resolved! FreeRTOS Version selection

Hello! I have noticed that the version of freertos generated by cubemx is always 10.3.1no matter which cubemx version or repository i use. is this correct? is the freertos version constant?is there a way to change this?

yuri CH by Senior
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