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Resolved! TIMER OC output using LL

I ran timer OC mode on PA8 (TIM1_CH1) on STM32f407VGT6 using HAL and it works fine. Then I decided to set up it by means of LL and there is not any output on PA8. I checked my code with Example_LL projects of STM32F411RE-Nucleo in ST F4 repository. I...

MTros.1 by Associate II
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STM32H743 FDCAN Message RAM Configuration

There are several FDCAN peripheral registers on the STM32H743 that hold the starting address of various elements used for FIFOs and filters. Are these addresses relative to 0 or to the physical address of the FDCAN message RAM (0x4000AC00)? The Refer...

jerry2 by Senior
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STM32F469 wakeup from Standby with RTC

I tried to set a STM32F469 controller into standby mode and wake it up periodically via the RTC on a custom board and on a STM32F469I-Discovery board. I had the problem that the controller only went into standby once, on the following runs it woke up...

Dubit by Associate
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How to define internal inerrupt?

Hey there, I'm using a stm32f103c8. I want to define an internal interrupt so for example when a counter reaches a certain value, the event happens and the interrupt performes. how should I do that?

Ala by Senior
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Resolved! The reset value of GPIOB register of STM32F401RCT6

When I simulate STM32401RCT6 with IAR,the MCU is on reset state;IAR shows the value of GPIOB register :ODR=0x00000280;but refer to the reference manual ,the reset value of GPIOx_ODR=0x00000000.Did I do something wrong when simulated?Thanks very much...

0693W000003RfuzQAC.png 0693W000003RfuBQAS.png
Pzhu.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! association du temps et date à un log

Bonjour,Je veux réaliser une tache de log dans mon systeme temps reel et aussi associer l'information à une date et heure.Ma question c'est que comment je pourrais inclure le temps et la date .Mercii

chaida13 by Associate II
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PWM not working on TIM2 channel 1 on STM32H753XIH6

We are using PWM here to change the brightness of LCD display, but PWM is not working , as of now I don't have CRO's as I'm working remotely. Is there anything wrong in the below code??#include "stm32h7xx.h"   void PwmGpioInitalize() { /* Timer GP...

Npiet.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! How to detect max value of real time data in an array

I have connected a sine wave of amplitude 3V with 1.5V shifted above the zero to 12-bit ADC channel by using dsPIC33FJ32MC204 controller and stored in an array. I want to detect the max value out of five samples because after the five samples my data...

Mohan1 by Associate III
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