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Setting up ADC in scan mode - callbacks not working

Hi,I'm having some hard time setting up my STM32F303RE Nucleo board for using the ADC.What I want to achieve is...scanning 10 sensors (each connected to a GPIO pin on ADC2) in sequence three timestransferring the data using DMA to a buffergetting cal...

NRumm.1 by Associate III
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STM32L4R5AG fast mode I2C with 4MHz PCLK

Hi,I'm using the STM32L4R5AG MCU with 4MHz MSI clock.I want to use I2C in fast mode (400kHz).The PCLK for I2C is also 4MHz from the MSI directly (in my application, I don't want to use a PLL).In CubeMX for 4MHz PCLK, if I select fast mode, the TIMING...

K-.2 by Associate
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SPI TxRx callback processing

I have a Pi that sends data to the MCU via SPI. I have the SPI running in DMA circular buffer mode on the MCU. In the TxRx callback, the data from the Pi is processed, and then the motors are turned ON/OFF, etc. This works, however, each time the Pi ...

defining the clocks based on HSE in STM32F407

Hello, i am building the clock setting based on HSE in STM32FG14 using the link bellow.1.At first i am setting the 16th bit of the CR register of RCC and wating till 17th bit will be ready2.enabling power3.voltage regulator setting4.FLASH ACR setting...

Nbkjh.1 by Associate II
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Hello,I am reading data from a motion sensor but I would like to save processor resources as much as possible. I want to implement I2C with DMA support.Presently I have external interrupt (EXTI) from sensor which signalize that data in FIFO are ready...

zexx86 by Associate II
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Resolved! Is it possible to interrupt another interrupt?

This is a fairly high-level question... but just wondering whether the NVIC system is capable of interrupting an interrupt when one of higher priority comes in? Can someone point me to information on this?Thanks,Doug Burrell

DBurr by Senior
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