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STM32F070 ADC single channel issue

Hi,Recently I started working on stm32F07 microcontroller. I am trying to read sensor value using ADC.Issue: ADC value is keep on changing randomly(means its not holding value).Below is my code. Please refer it and help me to figure out the issue.Clo...

VDutt.1 by Associate
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USART blocked by Overrun error on my STM32L051

Hi everyone,I have a broblem regarding USART in overrun occurrence.In effect the "HAL_UART_IRQHandler" routine is called every incoming char, but this never calls callback routine (SYS_UART_RxCpltCallback).In debug mode I can see there is an USART_IS...

Creating .hex file from two banks memory of STM32H753

Hello,I have a problem with my .HEX file generated with KEIL 5.In STM32H753 there are two banks memory:FIRST BANK MEMORY : 0x08000000-0x080FFFFFSECOND BANK MEMORY : 0x08100000-0x081FFFFFMy project has this structure:0x08000000-0x08060000=> My own Boo...

FBern.2 by Associate II
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HAL_I2C_Mater_Transmit issue

​ HAL_I2C_Master_Transmit_IT(&hi2c1,e,&c,1); HAL_I2C_Slave_Receive(&hi2c2,&d, 1, 1000);​​In the above case, it was confirmed that I2C communication works well.​ HAL_I2C_Master_Transmit(&hi2c1,e,&c,1,1000); HAL_I2C_Slave_Receive(&hi2c2,&d, 1, 1000);​H...

MYu.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! How to clear or bypass hard-fault in STM32L433?

Hello,I'm working on a project, wherein I've interfaced my STM32L433 controller with a Flash-IC (Nor flash) on the SPI port. At present, there is continuously bulk reading and writing operation is going on. Due to random power-cut, some of the flash ...

Resolved! Is it possible to update firmware using dual bank?

I know that STM32L071C8 supports dual bank.I wonder if it is possible to update the firmware using dual bank.For example, in the 1-bank program, the LED toggles once per second. Is it possible to write a new firmware binary (toggle led once every 2 s...

HAPPYDAY by Associate II
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BUG CubeMX v 5.1.0.: Using STM32L4xx MSI in PLL mode with 32.768kHz crystal to compensate, inicialization sequence code generated wrong.

Hello,the observed bug is the following.We are using STM32L433RC and generating some code from CubeMX using low-level libraries. We are currently evaluating precision of the hardware clock compensation, when using internal MSI RC oscillator with exte...