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Getting possible error of FLASH write operation

I need to check to outcome of a FLASH write operation. EOP would indicate, that it was successfully, but it needs the interrrupt to be enabled to show the outcome. Oh well, then i use the error flag instead (because i dont want to use interrupts). Bu...

stm err omfg.jpg
Tobe by Senior II
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Hello, when I try to compile the code in the Stm32cubeide program, I see the error that the flash.ld file does not exist. And there is no file with flash.ld extension among my files. It is not created by stm32cubemx.

Interrupt callback function blocked by delay

Hey there !I'm trying to use an ultrasound range captor on STM32 Nucleo. To beggin, I'm on a very simple case of use : User press a button, it's trigerring an interrupt, handled by a callback function `emettre_ultrason()`. Then, when the callback fun...

TzuNa by Associate
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SRAM3 Hard Fault when ECC is enabled

on STM32U575 when I enable the ECC, it is throwing a Hard Fault. I am just doing RAMCFG_Init() & StartECC() as of now. The system keeps resetting. TrustZone is enabled for the project, will that make any difference?


Hi,I am doing the MTBF calculation of our product which contains STM32F205RCT7. Can you provide me with the MTBF value of STM32F205RCT7?Thanks in advance

YsnKcl by Associate
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Hard fault caused by unaligned access

Hi, I have an issue when trying to copy a struct by direct assignment on STM32H743; The code:   void function(const structName_t *incomingStruct) { Signal_t sendSignal; sendSignal.desiredStruct = *incomingStruct; // <-- Causes unaligned access .....

RBrec.1 by Associate III
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