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power consumption stm32l4 in lprun mode

HiI am using stm32l496 in lprun mode but the current consumption is equal to 1.2 mA while in run mode the current consumption is equal to 3 mA while in the datasheet, the current consumption in the lprun mode is about 220 can I reduce the curr...

alianvari by Associate III
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Best way to sequence ADC (a lot) without DMA

Hi all, I'm building an application which needs to sample 8 ADC channels at roughly 10kHz, while listening for messages over SPI. The issue I'm facing is that neither of these can be missed, and sometimes they occur simultaneously. Ideally both of th...

Konami by Senior
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Unrecognized device on STMFlashloader

Hello,I'm working on STM32l051K8 MCU with the custom board design. I just wanted to enter the device to the bootloader for serial flashing via USART peripheral. Here is the simple C code to enter into the bootloader for STM32L0xx family MCU.void Jump...

0693W00000FAHGkQAP.png 0693W00000FAHHEQA5.png 0693W00000FAHFYQA5.png

WDGA bit not immediately set after WWDG_Enable().

STM32F405 using STLIBF4 v1.4.0Near the beginning of my code, I enable the windowed watchdog withWWDG_Enable() Shortly thereafter, I have a conditional block that executes only if the windowed watchdog is enabled, i.e.if ((WWDG->CR & WWDG_CR_WDGA) != ...

MBoren by Associate II
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HAL_SD_WriteBlocks_DMA - not writing or succeeding

When attempting to write to an SD card with HAL_SD_WriteBlocks_DMA() I expect the data to be written and then the card status to change to HAL_SD_CARD_TRANSFER. However, that never happens.Here's a short snippet of code I am using (this is pretty muc...