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Resolved! STM32F4 and 5V tolerant GPIOs for USB usage

Hi!I have STM32F469 and I am analysing how to connect an USB port to it.My MCU will act as a device. PC will be the host.My MCU has power supply equal to 3.3V which is created via LDO which is independently powered (not from VBUS, from host’s USB).MC...

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ELowe by Associate III
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STM32F407VET6 LQFP-100在测试中发现设备授权码丢失的问题

本批在测试一款STM32F407VET6,在测试中发现设备授权码丢失的问题。1. 授权码的工作机制设备生产通过软件发授权指令给到设备写入授权码,设备收到该指令后读取 FLASH ID ,然后进行加密,把加密后的数据写入 OTP 区(0x1FFF7800) , 编程成功后读出来验证是否写入成功,如果成功则重新启动,否则返回失败。2、问题分析通过单步调试,FLASH ID 是正确的,但是读出来 OTP 的数据有一部分变为全零了,所以数据比对不通过。

jinhui1- by Associate
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Resolved! STM32G431 bug in fdcan? - no databytes send

Hi,i a trying to figure out, why my fdcan is not sending databytes. It only sends the id.And i think i found a bug. Or maybe its just me having not enough knowledge to comprehend it.In the function "FDCAN_CopyMessageToRAM" there is a part, where the ...

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Tobe by Senior II
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I can not upload any firmware to my STM32H75 board.

STM32H7 SeriesI am trying to upload Ardupilot to my board. The co-processor works just fine with the regular procudure but no matter how much I tried, could not get the firmware on MCU.I have tried with the regular upload process documented on LINK  ...

_CEVVAL by Associate
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Resolved! Error with GPDMA and ADC on STM32H563

I want to use DMA with ADC1. For this I made the following configuration (file attached). I have an error when calling the HAL_DMAEx_List_InsertNode() function. The error code is HAL_DMA_QUEUE_ERROR_OUTOFRANGE. I don't see where the problem comes fro...


Hi , I am using STM32L072 of 192Kb series controller. For our project we need FOTA and we are stuck at CRC calculation. As of my knowledge ST needs FFMPEG format for CRC. How to read FFMPEG format of a binary file ? Currently we are using JFLASH tool...