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QSPI and SBSFU MPU issue

I have modified the SBSFU for STM32G4 to use external flash. I have firmware updates working, but when i turn on SFU_MPU_PROTECT_ENABLE, I get a 'SFU_EXCPT_MEMORY_FAULT' at the following line within HAL_QSPI_Init(), where the QSPI registers are modif...

Resolved! STM32H755bit getting stuck at WR_FLAG_VOSRDY

Hello,I have been working in a project with the mentioned MCU and by now i have been working it with SMPS_SUPPLY and VOS3 to work at 100Mhz Both CM7 and CM4.By now days i need to boost it up to 400Mhz and 200Mhz, so i need to change from VOS3 to VOS1...

urbito by Associate III
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Resolved! How to activate I/O compensation cell.

I was working with the test code of QSPI. I generated the code using the latest STM CUBMX ver 1.10.1. But after generation also it didn’t worked. Then I compared the code with the sample test code. There I found the below mentioned code patch in the ...

Resolved! make a qspi external loader for STM32H7B0VBT6

Hi.I want to make a qspi external loader for STM32H7B0VBT6 (for winbond chips)...but this MCU has OCTOSPI instead, my question is how to configure the settings for a quadspi chip (like w25q64) in CubeMX?! (

SEMad by Associate III
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