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Resolved! Don't see DAC output for SINE wave with DMA

Hello,I followed a tutorial on how to generate a SINE wave using DAC and DMA that was really good. Logically it makes sense, you set up the DAC, set it to be triggered by a timer, then set up the DMA channel, set it to circular, and set it to use a t...

0693W00000FAgEAQA1.png 0693W00000FAgE5QAL.png 0693W00000FAgEFQA1.png 0693W00000FAgEeQAL.png
Kneepatch by Associate III
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How to set 80MHZ frequency of SPI4 of STM32h745Kii

Hello I am working on stm32h745 controller, I am configuring the DAC SPI . For the DAC minimum frequency is 80 MHz. I want to set that frequency for SPI4 , but uanble to set how I can set the 80 Mhz frequency to SPI4. How can I set that if I set th...

MDeva.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32F7 DACs enabling inconsistently upon powerup

Using STM32F765VG6TR, every time I power on the MCU, the two DACs are supposed to be set to constant output voltages of 2.4V and 0.8V. This happens inconsistently - sometimes it works, about 50/50 success rate. A few notes:If it isn't working, an MCU...

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Auhv by Associate II
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What fastest way to change the size of the DMA addressed by a peripheral. In particular the DAC? Stopping and starting the DAC using HAL_DAC_Stop_DMA and HAL_DAC_Start_DMA with a new Data Length takes up a lot of cycles if I use the CubeMX functions. I

I tried DMA_SetConfig after __HAL_DMA_DISABLE and clearly it is not enough.Incidentally my intention is not change the size of the DMA allocated area - rather the size of this region accessed by a peripheral

Resolved! STM32F103 & STM32F334 DAC + DMA Error.

STM32F334 DMA + DAC.After CubeMX: MX_DAC1_Init(); MX_DMA_Init(); MX_DAC2_Init();DAC2 working, DAC1 don't workingAfter editing: MX_DMA_Init(); MX_DAC1_Init(); MX_DAC2_Init();DAC1 and DAC2 working.The same for STM32F103. MX_DAC_Init(); MX_DMA_Init();Er...

SGorb by Associate
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Resolved! STM32G474 DMA cannot write to DAC_DHRx register

Hi everyone,I am using the NUCLEO-G474RE development board with STM32G474RE MCU​The ioc file is attached, and this is main function:int main(void) { /* USER CODE BEGIN 1 */   /* USER CODE END 1 */   /* MCU Configuration-------------------------...

Shen by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32G474 DAC with DMA doesnt work

I have trying DAC with DMA from STM32G474 eval board. I can see the values being updated to the DOR register and the DAC EN is set to 1. However, the output of the DAC is stuck at 0.I have attached the cubeide settings.

0693W00000JMOdcQAH.png 0693W00000JMP2lQAH.png 0693W00000JMP2gQAH.png 0693W00000JMP0lQAH.png
JHari.1 by Associate II
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