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Resolved! STM32H723 OV5640 DCMI HAL_DCMI_FrameEventCallback() missing

HelloI have this Board from WeActStudio: There is the following example which allows displaying the camera on the onboard LCD:

kbch by Associate II
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Trigger SPI DMA transfer from Timer directly

Hey there, at the moment I am stuck with the following problem: I need to trigger a SPI DMA Transfer precisely at each Timer overflow. NVIC Timer interrupts are not an option, because the jitter is way too high when I have to jump into code each time...

JKram.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! Why assert_failed in HAL_InitTick()?

After spending some time debugging my project, I was able to narrow my problem down to this and reproduce it as follows:File, New, STM32 ProjectSelect NUCLEO-L412KBIn Pinout & Configuration, SYS, choose Timebase Source TIM16In Project Manager, Code G...

CKugl.1 by Senior
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SysTick_Handler not called, STM32G0B1

I am using CubeIde for the first time.First test - run minimal program with HAL from CubeIDe Configurator, under debuggerSimple program, only SYSTICK and uart , but SysTick_Handler() is not trigged at all .And function HAL_Delay hangs because uwTick...

Xme by Associate II
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