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I want to use STM32U5 ADF in LPBAM Mode, I can't see the ADF option in the CUBE MX LPBAM design configuration. I want to use ADF in stop 2 mode with LPDMA and SRAM4 I have the ready code for ADF and LPDMA I wish to operate them in LPBAM Mode. 

SShai.3 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32H755 Nucleo and PWR_DIRECT_SMPS_SUPPLY

Hi, I'm using an STM32H755ZIQ Nucleo and migrating an old project in CubeMX 6.8.The RCC > supply source > PWR_DIRECT_SMPS_SUPPLY option has been removed from CubeMX, which was the default previously. I tried the two available options (External / LDO...

MJack.1 by Associate III
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STM32H747 freezes waiting for VOSRDY

I'm trying to boot the M7 core on a STM32H747 with a 480MHz clock rate. I have the project and clock settings configured in STM32CubeMX.  When ran, the program freezes while waiting for the VOSRDY flag to be set, which never happens.The code appears ...

TDK by Guru
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Code is getting stuck at SystemClock_Config() function

Hello,I'm using STM32H747XIH6 MCU and I have developed the code on STM32 cube ide software 1.7.0 by generating the code in stm32 cube mx 6.5.0.I have written a simple code of GPIO toggle pin.Below is my code for clock configuration. I have connected ...

Aarra.1 by Senior
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After power-up and before using the usb, the STM32L4R9AI processor on our board goes to sleep and the current draw is as expected. But after using usb and removing cable, current consumption does not return to previous level.

As some background information, we used STM32CubeMX version 6.5.0 to generate the drivers for a custom hid device that runs on a STM32L4R9AI processor. When the usb cable is inserted, MX_USB_DEVICE_Init() is called which is stm’s code in a file calle...

dmc by Associate
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