STM32CubeMX (MCUs)

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Problem with IDE

Hello, I've got problem with STMCubeIDE. You can see my problem at photos I attached. Can anyone help me to solve this problem. I try to work on Lenovo Legion 5 with Ryzen 5 5600h and RTX3060. Second graphic card is integrated with Ryzen CPU. This pr...

Resolved! CubeMX LoraWAN support

Is there any explanation to how to use production DevEUI, JoinEUI, AppKey and NetwKey, rather than the hardcoded se-identity.h?I have searched all over, application notes, youtube and even studied examples and the actual code, but unable to find out ...

Resolved! FPU in STM32WLE5 ??

In the System View Description file STM32WLE5_CM4.svd it says; <fpuPresent>true</fpuPresent> But the datasheet doesn't mention any FPU, the MCU Selector on has a dash "-" for FPU column , and ARM docs about Cortex-M4 says that FPU is optional....

Exception in Code Generation

Starting today, on existing .ioc file, CubeMX "suddenly" complaining that project generation had a problem. "Suddenly" refers to that I have generated code incrementally many times the last few days on the same project, and today I added "FatFS" whic...