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Resolved! Impact and selection of the correct timebase source

Hello ST community,In the software STM32CubeMX there is the possibility to select different timebase sources. By default the SysTick is selected. What criteria should be considered to decide which timebase to use ? What is the advantage/disadvantage ...

Rookie38 by Associate III
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Resolved! Code generated by STM32CubeMX sets the HAL timebase ISR priority incorrectly when using FreeRTOS? Is it really necessary to have a separate timebase?

My STM32F745VET project was built in MX v6.3.0 and uses FreeRTOS. When SysTick is dedicated to the RTOS I get the following message when I try to build code:"When RTOS is used, it is strongly recommended to use a HAL timebase source other than the Sy...

RBack.1 by Senior
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Updating FreeRTOS to new version.

I use with CubeMx to generate FreeRTOS in stm32hf, and i would like to upgrade to version newer than FreeRTOS 10.3.1 (because security issues in this version) so, i took manually the newer FreeRTOS files(10.5.1) and replaced them instead what that Cu...

dToub.1 by Associate
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Resolved! Will STM32CubeMX support FreeRTOS for STM32U5-series?

Hi there,I would appreciate support in CubeMX for FreeRTOS for STM32U5-series. Currently I cannot find out how to configure this via the recently released a demo for IoT Reference Integration, running on an STM32U5. My old code is w...

KHofm.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! BUG: CubeMX FreeRTOS projects corrupt memory

Typical user symptom: sprintf with floating point doesn't work or crashes.I've provided a complete explanation and required fixes here: illustrate the crash in minimal test application, I've prov...

Problem with USB_Host_Library

Have STM32H7B3 Discovery Kit.Used CubeMX to create IAR project.Integrated USB_Host_Library.Have USB mouse connected to OTG HS port.Find that USB initialization eventually triggers a configASSERT(pxUnblockedTCB) in source tasks.c function xTaskRemoveF...

[BUG] CubeIDE doesn't initialize the tasks after osKernelInitialize() in the main file. No user code space is useable between oskernelinitialize and gets deleted after each code generation.

HI, I am using STM32F429IGT6 with freeRTOS in CMSIS osV2. CubeIDE V1.11.0 with MCU package F4 1.27.1.After code generation, cubeIDE doesn't initialize the tasks and it has to be manually added. But bigger problem is, user code space can't be used bet...

IZ.Mani by Associate
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SDCard Not Working (FR_NOT_READY) on CubeIDE 1.10.1

Hello Guys, Last week I tried to add an SDCard Module on my STM32L476 project and i followed this tutorial: can't read the SD in fact I get back FR_NOT_READY ...

0693W00000aH53XQAS.png 0693W00000aH53XQAS.png 0693W00000aH53XQAS.png
HNefz.1 by Associate II
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