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Can G491 OPAMP6 be connected to ADC3?

In RM0440, STM32G491 is Category 4.Therefore OPAMP6 can be connected to ADC3 refer to RM0440 21.4.4(ADC Connectivity)But I cannot find check option for OPAMP6 in ADC3 setting.Is it unavailable? or not implemented yet?

yjsbd by Associate II
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Is it possible to use the internal OPAMP from the STM32G4 series with only the VINPx pin assigned to a physical pin? Configured as non-inverting, negative feedback with a gain.

I would like to implement a current sensing using a grounded shunt resistor. Therefore I would like to use the build-in OPAMP from the STM32G491 Series. But I'm not satisfied with the CubeMX configuration.In AN5306 I found a configuration under 4.4.1...

MWält.2 by Associate II
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OPAMP's of STM32G474 reserve not needed output pin when using internal output connection ? (probably BUG or incorrect CubeMX behavior/ no correct option).

Hello ST community,When I use OpAmp's of STM32G474 and configure all of them to internal ADC connection, all of them still reserve external output pins as analog .I'm using : OpAmp's in Inverting mode, with PGA enabled, positive input internal conne...

MMatj.1 by Associate II
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STM32 NUCLEO-L476RG OPAMP Output not below 1.4 V

Posted on March 26, 2018 at 17:00Hey guys,i am right now working on the Nucleo L476 RG Board. I generated source code with STM32CubeMX (v4.25). I am using the internal opamp in 'Follower' mode and reading the output with the on-board adc. VCC is 3.3...

cyancali by Associate III
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