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Target Software Startup Script Error

Hello All,I am using STM32F777IITx MCU based custom board with STM32CubeMx v4.24.I want to built a application where i want to Read/Write data from/to flash.I am have written a small application where i write 10 bytes of data to flash and also read t...


Resolved! TrueSTUDIO 9.3.0 : undeclared and unknown type error

I'm new in embeded programming. and now I'm trying to test UART with NUCLEO-F103RB. I installed STM32CubeMX 6.6.1 and TrueSTUDIO 9.3.0. I created using CubeMx and compiled with TrueStudio, but failed.. there are many undeclared(first use in this func...

TKyeo.1 by Associate
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stm32 use scanf with usart

Hello, There is an example to use printf with usart. However, I need to find a way to use scanf with usart. I am using STM32H7, STM32Cubemx, and Atollic Truestudio. Your help is much appreciated.

VYoun by Associate III
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Resolved! I'm using a STM32F746-Discovery kit and the development is being done on a linux PC using Trustudio 9.3.0. Watchdog is going off and I can't connect to reprogram

As mentioned above I can't connect as the watchdog is continuously going off. I used the STM32CubeMx to enable the IWDG and it created the s/w load which enables the IWDG but doesn't refresh it. I know how to fix it in the s/w but my debugger under T...

Resolved! Can stm32f103 use C++?

Hi All,​Can stm32f103 use C++? for programing not c.​I'm using stm32f103 / truestudio / cubemx.​I want to use some c++ ​grammer for programing.If there's way to use c++How i can use c++ in stm32f103?regard.​​

Glee.11 by Associate II
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