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Resolved! Bug in LL_ADC_SetAnalogWDThresholds()

Enabling analog watchdog 1 for ADC3 on a STM32H723 in CubeMX with low threshold 0x8 and high threshold 0x80 generatesLL_ADC_SetAnalogWDThresholds(ADC3, LL_ADC_AWD1, 0x80, 0x8);but the doc comment for LL_ADC_SetAnalogWDThresholds() says regarding the ...

mkm_ctv by Associate II
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Meaning of IP in STM32CubeMX

Posted on June 20, 2015 at 04:17What is the meaning of IP in the STM32CubeMX software? I looked at the documentation, but I don�t find it and google obviously show me TCP/IP. Thank you. #cube #stm32cubemx

vinicio by Associate II
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Resolved! Code generated by STM32CubeMX sets the HAL timebase ISR priority incorrectly when using FreeRTOS? Is it really necessary to have a separate timebase?

My STM32F745VET project was built in MX v6.3.0 and uses FreeRTOS. When SysTick is dedicated to the RTOS I get the following message when I try to build code:"When RTOS is used, it is strongly recommended to use a HAL timebase source other than the Sy...

RBack.1 by Senior
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Resolved! MX_SDIO_SD_Init wrong bus wide initialization

I have a STM32F407 with an SD card wired in 4-bytes mode and FATFS middleware to manage the files.I upgraded to STM32CubeIDE 1.11 two weeks ago, but since then the SD card stopped working. The initialization fails in the SD_WideBus_Enable function, s...

FRugi.1 by Associate
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Trigger SPI DMA transfer from Timer directly

Hey there, at the moment I am stuck with the following problem: I need to trigger a SPI DMA Transfer precisely at each Timer overflow. NVIC Timer interrupts are not an option, because the jitter is way too high when I have to jump into code each time...

JKram.1 by Associate II
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2 bugs with VREFBUF and STM32Cube on at least STM32G491

Hi ST,There are 2 bugs in Initialization of STM32CubeIDE V1.11.0.I use FreeRTOS, but it shouldn't have any inffluence on these bugs.1.) At function main, the firsr call is to Hal Init and when VREFBuF ist activated, in function HAL_MspInit...

Osto by Senior
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