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Resolved! STM32H723ZG DMA I2S - tx works, no RX

HelloI've seen tons of posts about this, I'm hoping I'm just missing something simple, I would really love to get this working. STM32H723ZG, DMA TX works, I can send a sine wave fine but the RX buffer never changes and is never filled. I've put the R...

How to set the desired clock frequency(SCL) for Nucleo-f401RE (Master-Receive- Half Duplex I2S Communication with MEMS Microhone - CUI Device (Slave) ).

Hello , I am using STM Cube IDE for I2S communication between NUCLEO-F401RE and CUI MEMS microphone namely CMM-4030DT-26354-TR . I am current facing a problem to set a clock frequency for SCL pin of Nucleo board. The SCL clock frequency range for ...

smit1 by Associate
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Competent using the Cube MX graphical config tool

Hi, I wonder if someone can explain how I can be more competent in using the CubeMX graphical tool for various peripheral configurations. Take for example, I am familiar with UART port hence the Cube MX GUI config tool for the UART is easier for me t...

STehA.1 by Associate II
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SAI I2S Mono Mode Not An Option

When using SAI for I2S, STM32CubeIDE does not give you the option to choose Mono mode. It's only option is Stereo Mode. However, STM32 SAI HAL supports both SAI_STEREOMODE as well as SAI_MONOMODE, so I think this should be an option.

SHamm.18 by Associate II
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Resolved! USB not working when MCO2 enabled and driven by PLLI2SCLK

The image shows my clock configuration for the STM32F469IIT. I want a 12MHz output from MCO2 and I found that I could theoretically achieve this using the PLLI2SCLK input. However, when I use this configuration, the device is not recognised by the PC...

C.East2 by Associate III
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STM32H725 No SPI6/I2S6 NVIC ?

Hey guys,I see an spi6_it signal in the NVIC table in the reference manual RM0468.I'm trying to use the NVIC interrupt for I2S6 and there is no tab for it in the MX Cube.I'm also using I2S1,I2S2, I2S3 which have the NVIC and I'm able to use interrupt...

KRega.1 by Associate II
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