STM32CubeMX (MCUs)

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Error in generated cyabs_freertos_helpers.c file

Hi,When I generate code with the STN32CubeIDE 1.14.0 and CubeMX 6.10.0 RC9 then it does now the __WEAK in the cyabs_freertos_helpers.c file. My workaround is at the moment to include directly in that file the "stm32u5xx_hal.h" then it works till the ...

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Serious bug in CubeMX 6.9.0 ??

The new version of CubeMX (6.9.0) no mater of options in Project Manager / Code Generator, if  Keil Toolchain / IDE is choosen, the project regeneration delete the previous .uvprojx file and generates a new one, LOOSING ALL changes made by the user i...