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Resolved! STM32CubeMX generates incorrect code for the OCTOSPI interface for STM32H725. The generated code does not populate the Req2AckTime field of the OSPIM_CfgTypeDef structure, but HAL_OSPIM_Config() validates this value and throws an assertion error.

See attached configuration in STM32CubeMX. Generated code is only: sOspiManagerCfg.ClkPort = 1; sOspiManagerCfg.NCSPort = 1; sOspiManagerCfg.IOLowPort = HAL_OSPIM_IOPORT_1_LOW;   // NOTE: MISSING ASSIGNMENT TO sOspiManagerCfg.Req2AckTime   if ...


Resolved! octospi configuration cubemx

I have octospi hyperram memory to use on stm32h7b0 with nor flash I usually use stm32cubemx because it make the life easier but it's my first time configuring memories with it..can anyone help me with that ?

JJuli.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! delay block problem octospi

I am using stm32l4r board to run some tests and i am generating my code with stm32cubemx, I am having an issue with the octospi parameters after investing with my colleagues and checking the documents we discovered it is a problem related to the dela...

JJuli.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32CubeL4 v1.17.1 OSPI Delay Block Bypass Problem

The latest versions of the STM32CubeL4 drivers (1.17.1) and CubeMX (6.5.0) introduce two bugs related to the OSPI and Delay Block Bypass.In stm32l4xx_hal_ospi.c line 383, the MODIFY_REG macro no long clears the DLYBYP bit. It also fails to set it acc...

ebray by Associate II
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Resolved! make a qspi external loader for STM32H7B0VBT6

Hi.I want to make a qspi external loader for STM32H7B0VBT6 (for winbond chips)...but this MCU has OCTOSPI instead, my question is how to configure the settings for a quadspi chip (like w25q64) in CubeMX?! (

SEMad by Associate III
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