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UART DMA Memory Corruption during Buffer Wrap-Around

I'm using HAL UART Receive with DMA (configured using CubeMX). I'm encountering a problem where data via UART, send in chunks, is corrupted if a chunk doesn't fit at the end of buffer perfectly. By chunks I mean a set of byte-sized data that is trans...

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lgacnik97 by Associate III
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Change flash memory in linker

I change the flash memory in the linker file from 0x8000000 to 0x8006000 and size from 512k to 484k.My program crash on HAL_Delay i think the issue is from the address that i change it from the linker so what else i have to change to my programme wil...

Helmish by Associate II
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Resolved! Is there a bug in STM32CubeMX about SDIOCLK?

STM32f103vet6It's in the manual that SDIO adapter clock (SDIOCLK = HCLK).  When HCLK is set to 72MHz, SDIO_CK is configured through the register SDIO_CLKCR bit 7:0(CLKDIV). When the bypass clock is not used, SDIO_CK=SDIOCLK/[CLKDIV+2], which should b...

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[BUG] CubeMX switch off JTAG and SWD

Posted on October 29, 2017 at 01:12Hi all,I would like to report a bug of CubeMX.I did generated simple project for STM32F103VEx.  Project if fairly simple just uses USB in CDC mode.I did generate similar project for same processor but only SPI3 usi...

rafal23 by Associate II
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Problem with IDE

Hello, I've got problem with STMCubeIDE. You can see my problem at photos I attached. Can anyone help me to solve this problem. I try to work on Lenovo Legion 5 with Ryzen 5 5600h and RTX3060. Second graphic card is integrated with Ryzen CPU. This pr...