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Resolved! STM32F4 HAL_RTCEx_WakeUpTimerIRQHandler

While looking at the HAL's RTC code, I noticed that in the IRQ handler for WakeUpTimer, there is no enabling of access to backup domain registers before clearing flag WUTF in RTC register ISR...Should this not be needed?When testing in my own impleme...

TLin.5 by Associate III
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Resolved! CubeMX injects LL_RTC_TAMPER_MASK_TAMPER1 for RTC Tamper 2

Hi, Just to notify a bug  :CubeMX injects LL_RTC_TAMPER_MASK_TAMPER1 for RTC Tamper 2 when generating codeSTM32CubeMX - STM32 Device Configuration Tool Version: 6.8.1-RC4STMCube FW_L0 V1.12.2 /** Enable the RTC Tamper 2*/LL_RTC_TAMPER_Enable(RTC, LL_...

Rla by Associate
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Resolved! RTC Calendar resets in CubeMX generated Init function

Hi everyone ! first time poster, hope I'm doing it right.I'm working with an STM32F107VCT and using CubeMX to generate code.I have an issue with the RTC calendar, it goes back to 0 every reset which, if I'm not mistaken, it should not on a soft reset...

gjanet by Associate II
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HAL_RTC_MSPInit generated code fails assert_params check in gpio initialization when "Generate peripheral initialization as a pair of .c/.h filer per peripheral" project option selected and PC13 is configured as RTC_OUT_CALIB.

The generated code in rtc.c passes zeros in GPIO_InitStruct to HAL_GPIO_Init, causing assert_param(IS_GPIO_PIN_AVAILABLE(GPIOx, (GPIO_Init->Pin))); to fail. void HAL_RTC_MspInit(RTC_HandleTypeDef* rtcHandle) {   GPIO_InitTypeDef GPIO_InitStruct = ...

Jshelson by Associate II
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The time is: 33:55!

I think it's related to my previous question: applied a workaround by practically removing all MX_RTC_Init().It seems to work, how...

HTD by Senior III
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