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Resolved! How the ADC works in F103RC

I've been confused for days and am unable to make the ADC work on F103RC and have to seek for help.The test consists of ADC1 with 6 channels, an UART for printf and an I/O port that drives an LED. The ADC configuration: The test code: /* USER CODE BE...

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Chao by Senior
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Resolved! Setting up a multichannel ADC with DMA

Hello.Recently I've been trying to set up a multichannel ADC. The data of both channels are supposed to be transfered to memory through DMA. I've looked through many examples, read many discussions but none of them addressed my issue. In my CubeIDE C...


CubeMX UI is messed up (again, again and again...)

Despite referring to the STM32F0 label (can't this forum have a simple one labeled as a general problem for STM32CubeMX???) the problem exists for ALL situations and MCU's where you simply start working with the STM32CubeMX.Since several years ago, s...

I2C1 stops working over 8MHz STM32F042F6P6

Hello all, I'm having problems with I2C1, i have a code that works perfectly while i configure the HCLK to 8MHz but it stops working when i set any higher frequency. Has anybody faced similar problem? I am using STM32CubeIDE for setting the project, ...

Davaol19 by Associate III
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