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Resolved! FMC Clock Mux not found

Hello,Im working on a Project, which i use with it STM32F750N8H6 with external Memory and im trying to interface them to each other.I have so far now done the Configuation of GPIO, TimingParameters..etc but i wanted giving too the Value of the Clock ...

mids400 by Associate III
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STM32H7/F7 FMC Chip Selects

Hello,I'm looking for an MCU from the STM32H7/F7 lines that has the highest number of Chip Selects for the FMC bus. The highest CS count I've seen so far is the STM32H743:Is this the maximum 

skon.1 by Senior
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Resolved! What is the significance of SRAM Bank swapping?

Hello all,While configuring the FMC SRAM configurations for STM32H747 MCU I found the option for bank swapping.As I see the reference manual I understand that the chip select configured interchanges it's address with that of the SDRAM bank addresses....

Aarra.1 by Senior
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FMC_SRAM not work on STM32F7

Hello.I'm trying to use FMC Sram, but does not work.Here is what I tested.1) First, I downloaded FMC_SRAM example for Nucleo-H743ZI via STM32CubeMX. I want to see just NWE and NOE pin signal work when I call HAL_SRAM_R/W functions. And It worked as i...

0693W00000Y8iP7QAJ.png 0693W00000Y8iQoQAJ.png
DKOO by Associate
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STM32F7 FMC SDRAM error after reinit

I have a custom board. There I have an issue with the FMC SDRAM after the HAL_SDRAM_Init call when calling it a subsequent(!!!) time. It works when doing the call the first time. I then deinit the SDRAM because of some current consumption tasks. When...

LFeld.1 by Associate
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