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X-CUBE-SBSFU CAN bus support

Hi everybody!We have to implement firmware update feature via CAN interface. Our challenge involves implementing a secure and safe firmware update feature via the CAN bus, driven by regulatory requirements in the medical field. Unfortunately, the exa...

Vadym by Associate
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Resolved! STM32 - FDCAN Interrupt not working

Hello,i'm trying to set up a new project with CAN in Interrupt mode. Therefor i generate a project with stm32cubemx and enabled the interrupt 0 for fdcan1 and also in the NVIC-settings the Interrupt is enabled:In polling mode, i can receive Frames an...

0693W00000AN0JsQAL.png 0693W00000AN0JxQAL.png
CSeif.1 by Associate II
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FDCAN: fdcan_tq_ck < fdcan_pclk requirement

We are using custom board with STM32H735. We were debugging the same issue as this one. In the reference manual RM0468, we discovered this note:I think this means that even when not using calibration unit, FDCAN kernel clock must be <= than APB1 peri...


STM32H7 FDCAN clock issue

Hello all,I have trouble running FDCAN on an STM32H742VG rev V when the cpu clock is above 300 MHz. I have D1CPRE = DIV1HPRE = DIV2D2PPRE1= DIV2leading to the maximum allowed APB1 peripheral clock (= fdcan_pclk) for cpu clock >= 300 MHz (75 MHz for c...

Resolved! Hello, I am using Cube32MX for STM32H743bi IO multiplexing. FDCAN2 shown crossed when USB ULPI added but i can see several FDCAN2 spare pins in datasheet and can be used.

Hello,I am using Cube32MX for STM32H743bi IO multiplexing. first i added USB HS phy ULPI interface then see FDCAN2 not allowed in the tool and error message says it is in conflict with USB ULPI. However i manually checked there were certain pins for ...

HKhan.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! CAN-Bus no callback/received frame; FDCAN STM32G473

I'm trying to attempt CAN on a STM32G473 MCU. While transmission seems to be fine, I'm not receiving any data back. The receive call back function is not triggering.Following is my setup:Below is the TxHeader and RxHeader initialization along with th...

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MMoha.10 by Associate II
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