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Resolved! STM32H753 ADC Clock Prescaler can not be set to 1

I chose STM32H753IIT6 MCU for my project. I had set the clock prescaler of ADC to "Asynchronous clock mode divided by 1", and the ADC clock source is PLL2P, 36MHz.The code was generated successfully. However, I found that the sampling rate is half of...

HCui by Associate II
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Cortex system timer config bug?

According to RM0456, section 11.4 RCC clock functional description, p. 482:"The RCC feeds the Cortex system timer (SysTick) external clock with the AHB clock (HCLK) divided by eight, or LSE or LSI. The SysTick can work either with this clock or direc...

Screenshot 2024-02-27 002843.png Screenshot 2024-02-27 002757.png Screenshot 2024-02-27 005107.png
TDJ by Senior III
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STM32H7 FDCAN clock issue

Hello all,I have trouble running FDCAN on an STM32H742VG rev V when the cpu clock is above 300 MHz. I have D1CPRE = DIV1HPRE = DIV2D2PPRE1= DIV2leading to the maximum allowed APB1 peripheral clock (= fdcan_pclk) for cpu clock >= 300 MHz (75 MHz for c...

Stm32L4 giving error in system clock configuration.

I am using Stm32L476rg controller and generated project using Cube-MX including clock settings.Controller giving error of HAL_timeout error in HAL_RCC_ClockConfig() function. I am using MSI clock for configuration.For reference I have attached screen...

SKada.1 by Associate
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Resolved! USART Clock selection bug / cubemx

Hello,With CubeMX V6.8 (I did not check with latest update), there is a bug in the USART clock source selection, for chip STM32L451VETWhen selecting SYSCLK for USART2 or USART3 (did not check with UART4), in the function HAL_UART_MspInit() the clock ...