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STM32L072C6T6 LPUART DMA interrupt need Reset MCU to works

Hi everyone,I'm working on a project with an STM32L072C6T6.I'm using LPUART1 DMA to get data from my LPUART with interrupt when the bus go idle.My soft working when, after power on the device, i push the reset button of the MCU. All start correctly.B...

MLam by Associate III
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I am attempting to use CubeMX to generate the code necessary to do a very basic demo of TX DMA using the LPUART and the BDMA peripheral (which as I understand it handles DMA for the LPUART1 which I'm using).Based on my reading of the reference manual...

AAG.1 by Associate
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Resolved! STM32cubeMX 6.3.0 missing IRQ handler in BDMA ISR.

On the project we are using LPUART1, more out of pinout convenience than low power, but STM32cubeMX 6.30 and STMCube_FW_H7 V1.9.0 miss placing the HAL_DMA handler for LPUART1 in the BDMA handler.Is there a better place to report STM32CubeMX and FW/HA...


Not able to transmit data using LPUART .

Hey Guys , I have stm32l053r8 custom board . I am trying to send the data using LPUART but unable to send any data. I have shared the snapshot of the code and the configuration . Please do let me know what I am doing wrong ?Thanks in...

NBhar.1 by Associate II
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STM32L433 - LPUART1 wrong baudrate

Hello,I'm using STM32L433RCT-P nucleo board and I was testing some hardware. I noticed the baudrate error with LPUART1 is really high (135100 instead of 115200, 67570 instead of 57600).I have no problem using manual configuration instead of CubeMX, ...

MFran.4 by Senior
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Resolved! Bug in generated code for MX_LPUART1_UART_Init

In a project for a STM32L4S7ZITx with LPUART1 enabled the following code is generated:/** * @brief LPUART1 Initialization Function * @param None * @retval None */ static void MX_LPUART1_UART_Init(void) {   /* USER CODE BEGIN LPUART1_Init 0 ...

STawn.1 by Associate
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