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Resolved! documentation on STM32 PWM fast mode

Posted on February 08, 2017 at 12:00Hiin cubeMX for any TIM PWM IO I can enable / disable 'fast mode'.What is fast mode?In which pdf document  would I find the description of fast mode, and register address? I am trying to find my way in all the dif...

Resolved! STM32CubeIDE 1.15 Bug (switching from SysTick to TIM16)

I'm using the Nucleo-C031C6 board, and I chose this (NUCLEO-C031C6) from the board selector when starting the IDE. (STM32CubeIDE v1.15). I tried switching Timebase Source (in SYS menu) from SysTick to TIM16, then when I compiled, I got this error:../...

JLoh by Associate
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F407 CubeMX 1.13.1FW, timer based tick error

Posted on October 31, 2016 at 04:19I use CubeMX 4.17, F4xx firmware 1.13.1, created an automatically generated timer based hal tick funtion. I tested timer 6 and timer 10. BOTH results in tick running at 2000Hz(0.5ms per tick), but I think the corre...

kiilii by Associate
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Resolved! Generated HAL Timer Tick generated code has an error - F7

I am using STM32CubeIDE 1.13.2 with STM32CubeMX 6.9.2-RC4.  It is an STM32F746 processor.  I'm using STM32Cube_FW_F7_V1.17.1 libraries.  I'm using Azure RTOS and selected TIM12 for the HAL tick time base.This is a side issue.  When TIM12 was selected...

tec683 by Associate III
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Resolved! STM32H5: PWM generation with DMA (classic approach)

Hello,Finally I managed to produce a three-phase PWM in classic DMA mode with the pure HAL-Lib. (Hardware: NUCLEO-H563ZI) However, within the cube produced routine, file: tim.c:void HAL_TIM_PWM_MspInit(TIM_HandleTypeDef* tim_pwmHandle) This wrong cal...

AGerth by Associate
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