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Nucleo-f767zi and x-nucleo-GFX02zi CubeMX and HelloWorld and unsolved dependencies

Associate III



I am new at the STM32 World. 

I started to buy a nucleo-f767zi and it worked fine. 

I was not able to get the debug Console running. Like other too. 

Because of that I bought the extension Board  x-nucleo-GFX02zi which should be working fine with the F767ZI. 


Now I tried with CubeMX to installed the Hello World Example provided.

But now I get the Message that these Packets is not Support with CubeMX 6.11. It should be support by Version 6.7 until 6.8.2.

I tested 6.8.2 and 6.8 but without any changes. It seams like the SPI does not fit together. Always I got no solution found. 

Does the GFX02zi can be used with the F767ZI? Or do I have to everything new. 



It is possible to fix this dependencies? 

These are related to Q-SPI and Memory Access. 


Thanks for any help 

best regards