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UART DMA Memory Corruption during Buffer Wrap-Around

I'm using HAL UART Receive with DMA (configured using CubeMX). I'm encountering a problem where data via UART, send in chunks, is corrupted if a chunk doesn't fit at the end of buffer perfectly. By chunks I mean a set of byte-sized data that is trans...

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lgacnik97 by Associate III
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HAL_UARTEx_ReceiveToIdle_DMA repeating same data

I am currently using HAL_UARTEx_ReceiveToIdle_DMA and getting results that don't make sense to me. My main function is very simple: int main() { MX_DMA_Init(); MX_UART4_Init(); HAL_UARTEx_ReceiveToIdle_DMA(&huart4, rxDmaBuffer, sizeof(r...

aweav1 by Associate
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how to handle HAL_UART_ERROR_ORE?

Posted on December 16, 2015 at 12:31Hi everybody!I am using STM32F0 and stm32 cube as my development platform. I wanted to know the causes for uart over run error and what is the best solution to handle uart over run error.I am facing this problem i...

Resolved! UART cannot set high baud rate

I have a uart peripheral whose baud rate can only be set to 3.125M. However, the baud rate of another uart peripheral with the same clock configuration in the project can be set to 12.5M. I want to know what the baud rate limit is based on? How to in...

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fkst by Associate II
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X-NUCLEO-53L5A1 with Nucleo-H743ZI2

 I'm fairly new to embedded work and noted that the pin layout that was given for X-NUCLEO-53L5A1 was for the F401RE, which I initially tested, but when attempting to configure it with the H743ZI2 I wanted to maintain the use of the ETH and USB port ...

JahKMC by Associate II
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Resolved! USART Clock selection bug / cubemx

Hello,With CubeMX V6.8 (I did not check with latest update), there is a bug in the USART clock source selection, for chip STM32L451VETWhen selecting SYSCLK for USART2 or USART3 (did not check with UART4), in the function HAL_UART_MspInit() the clock ...

Resolved! How to retarget printf on UART?

Hi All,I am new on STM32 and want to use printf on UART.I could run the printf on uart in the example folder.But couldnt find how does it work, actually couldnt find any comment in it about enabling printf on uart.I am useing STM32CubeMx and want to ...

MKora by Associate II
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