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STM32CubeMX 6.9.2 released

STM32CubeMX 6.9.2 was released on as well as an in-tool update patch. Main issues fixed in this patch: Ticket 158577 - [Bootpath Config] env.bat add quotes to variable stm32tpccliTicket 158868 - [Bootpath Config] secure manager post build cmd ...

STM32CubeMX 6.9.1 and STM32CubeIDE 1.13.1 released.

STM32CubeIDE 1.13.1 was released on as well as an in-tool update patch aligned with STM32CubeMX v6.9.1 that is available for download.Main issues fixed in this patch:This patch release fixes the issues related to the following cases:STM32CubeM...

STM32CubeMX 6.9.0 released

We are pleased to announce you that the official release of STM32CubeMX V6.9.0 is available for download here What is new in STM32CubeMX V6.9.0? Added the support for new microcontrollers in the STM32U5 seriesAdded the support for new microcontroller...

LoRaWAN StopJoin - what is this?

The LoRaWAN middleware End-node (lora-app.c) includes a "Join Switch" mechanism set up around the StopJoinTimer, the OnStopJointTimeEvent function, and the StopJoin() task function.The StopJoin function appears to be used to toggle between ABP and OT...

Resolved! Conflicting pins when using ADC

Hello. I examined similar questions and answers. Since I'm a newbie, I couldn't find an answer to my problem.In the documentation of the STM32F756ZG development board, it is said that up to 24 channels of ADC measurements can be usable with 3 ADCs. W...

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[BUG] STM32 lwIP Ethernet driver Tx deadlock

This bug is present in ethernetif.c files for lwIP generated by CubeMX for the newer reworked ETH drivers.ProblemWhen using CMSIS-RTOSv2, CubeMX generates the following code in the function low_level_output(): pbuf_ref(p); HAL_ETH_Transmit_IT(&heth, ...

Piranha by Chief
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Resolved! Hello, I am using Cube32MX for STM32H743bi IO multiplexing. FDCAN2 shown crossed when USB ULPI added but i can see several FDCAN2 spare pins in datasheet and can be used.

Hello,I am using Cube32MX for STM32H743bi IO multiplexing. first i added USB HS phy ULPI interface then see FDCAN2 not allowed in the tool and error message says it is in conflict with USB ULPI. However i manually checked there were certain pins for ...

HKhan.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! Simplest possible CubeMX USB app fails to enumerate

Posted on October 20, 2017 at 07:13 I have a brand-new STM32F303 Nucleo144 and cannot get any CubeMX generated apps to work with USB. The app builds and runs fine, and I can see printf output via SWO, but the device never evenbegins enumeration. Th...