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STM32CubeMX 6.10.0 released

  We are pleased to announce you that the official release of STM32CubeMX V6.10.0 is available. What is new in STM32CubeMX V6.10.0? Added the support for STM32CubeMP13: bare-metal firmware for the STM32MP13xx microprocessors.Added the support for ne...

Resolved! Freertos semaphore not initialised correctly by CubeMX

By setting up a new project in STM32CubeMX 6.10.0, when adding a Semaphore in FREERTOS, the generated code is not correct, and the binary semaphores are initialised in a Taken state ( initial_count=0 of osSemaphoreNew() )  - resulting in the fact tha...

Null Packet Size is not visible in CubeMX Gui

HiI think I found a small bug.I copied the settings from one project to another. After that I did a diff to show if I'm missed to change some value. And one variable was missing, so I checked double to find the variable in the GUI, but I did not foun...

Burst_withNullPacketSize_iocNotepad.png Burst_withoutNullPacketSize_GUI.png nonBurst_withNullPacketSize.png
nobody by Associate II
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QSPI and SBSFU MPU issue

I have modified the SBSFU for STM32G4 to use external flash. I have firmware updates working, but when i turn on SFU_MPU_PROTECT_ENABLE, I get a 'SFU_EXCPT_MEMORY_FAULT' at the following line within HAL_QSPI_Init(), where the QSPI registers are modif...

Resolved! Problem downloading CubeMX older version

Hello, I have an issue trying to download CubeMX v6.8.1.The website keeps asking me to log in while I am already logged in. So I log in again and the cycle never ends.I tried to clear the cache and also tried with a different browser.Any help will be...

i2399 by Associate II
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Resolved! After Updating to CubeMX 6.10.0 code generation warning

Hi,After I migrated my .ioc file from CubeMX 6.9.2 to CubeMX 6.10.0 I get everytime the warning below. I did only the migration. There is now warning available in the "PWR" tab.What do I have to configure that this warning disappears?Or is it a bug i...

codeGenerationWarning.png iocMigration.png pwrTab.png
nobody by Associate II
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Cortex system timer config bug?

According to RM0456, section 11.4 RCC clock functional description, p. 482:"The RCC feeds the Cortex system timer (SysTick) external clock with the AHB clock (HCLK) divided by eight, or LSE or LSI. The SysTick can work either with this clock or direc...

Screenshot 2024-02-27 002843.png Screenshot 2024-02-27 002757.png Screenshot 2024-02-27 005107.png
TDJ by Senior III
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