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Generating an IOc file from stm32cubeide

Hi amazing communityI am working with the evaluation board stm32f429disco 1 (the new on with display)I am working on the usb host function to read a txt file and then making custom bootloader for a project .I have found this amazing demo project work...

SGasp.1 by Senior
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Resolved! Trouble with custom bootloader and CubeMX generated code

Hi, I've got an project in cubeide that starts in one project and then jump's to another at 0x0800C000. It's been working in the past and I've somehow broken it trying to do updates. Here is the main code in the bootloader. It's very simple. BOOTLOAD...

xrstokes by Associate III
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USB-DFU example bug (STM32H7)

I am showing that USB-DFU example available in latest CubeMX STM32Cube_FW_H7_V1.9.0 package (/Projects/NUCLEO-H7A3ZI-Q/Applications/USB_Device/DFU_Standalone) does not work. The example contains this code:/* Test if user code is programmed starting f...

TDJ by Senior III
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How to use OpenBootLoader?

STM32CubeG4 v1.3.0 contains STM32 OpenBootLoader 2.0. How is this used/accessed? I cannot find it anywhere in STM32CubeMX.I have STM32CubeMX v6.0.1 and STM32Cube MCU package for STM32G4 series v1.3.0.

Resolved! What is the correct way to jump from application FW to the DFU bootloader on the STM32F078VB, using a project generated with the latest STM32CubeMX?

I have an existing STM32F078VB firmware application. The following code used to work perfectly fine to jump to the DFU bootloader shortly after power up, based on the application firmware detecting 2 buttons being pressed on the board:#define BOOT_S...

ACaru.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! Bootloader and main application similar to IAP not working

Hi, I have my own bootloader application similar to the IAP example provided by ST that runs and determines which of 2 main applications to run then launches the application. The bootloader is working fine and the main application is working fine but...

DBurr by Senior
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