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Problem with USB_Host_Library

Have STM32H7B3 Discovery Kit.Used CubeMX to create IAR project.Integrated USB_Host_Library.Have USB mouse connected to OTG HS port.Find that USB initialization eventually triggers a configASSERT(pxUnblockedTCB) in source tasks.c function xTaskRemoveF...

No ST-LINK/V2 debug probe found connected to the USB port I am using stm32CudeMX to generate a FW on a NUCLEO-G431RB board with the IAR workbench for ARM. IAR workbench version is The code was built without error, but the download failed.

Step1: Start My project from ST Board:Step 2: Selected the board and Start Project:Step 3: In Project Manager, chose EWARM as Toolchain/IDE:Step 4: Generate Code and Open Project:Step 5: Built the code without errors:Step 6: Downloaded the code and g...

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CZhen.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! stm32cubef3 v1.11 build error in IAR IDE

I compiled the stemwin example of stm32cubef3 v1.11.0 with IAR v9.10. If the optimizations of the c/c++ compiler is high (size), there is no problem, but if it is None or Low, the following error occurs. stm32f3xx_hal_rcc.c   Tool Internal Error:   I...

Iyoon.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! Cannot initialize ADC1 in STM32G071RB on EWARM

I'm debugging STM32G071RB by using Nucle-G071.The code I use is generated by STM32CubeMX, and I try to put break point to variable in "static void MX_ADC1_Init" but it semms like not to initialize because I cannot put break point there.I confirmed t...

HEhat.1 by Associate II
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