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STM32CubeMX 5.5 does not generate CMSIS DSP files

I've created a STM32CubeMX project for stm32f411re uC and try to add CMSIS DSP suppor. I go to "Aditional Software" -> ARM.CMSIS and check CORE 5.3.0 and DSP 1.7.0. Into DSP I chose Source. CubeMX download the CMSIS package into STM32Cube/Repository/...

leonardo by Associate III
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Any specific Reasons for PrvTaskExitError?

MCU getting into PrvTaskExitError while trying to acquire the semaphore using vTask Producer(after MCU run for Several Hours). Please find the screen shorts of the Fault Exception viewer and Callstack after the MCU crash. MCU: stm32f407VGT6Hardware T...

Hima by Associate
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CMSIS RTOS optional

Why in particular has the CMSIS freertos wrapper been chosen as the only option for the cubeMX ecosystem? Has there been any consideration to add a raw FreeRTOS API option to cubeMX?For an example of what seems iffy, see osThreadNew in cmsis_os2.c w...

_EFrie by Associate III
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