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Resolved! STM32 - FDCAN Interrupt not working

Hello,i'm trying to set up a new project with CAN in Interrupt mode. Therefor i generate a project with stm32cubemx and enabled the interrupt 0 for fdcan1 and also in the NVIC-settings the Interrupt is enabled:In polling mode, i can receive Frames an...

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CSeif.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! CubeMX generate code made my code disppear

I am using the Wireless Connectivity software pack, which automatically generates Wi-Fi and bluetools code files. Due to specific requirements, I have made some modifications to parts of the code files and configured additional pins using CubeMX's IO...

cubemx 6.3.0,STM32L562VETx,sd+FATFS,BSP code for SD

    Nothing generated by CubeMx: the BSP code has to be added to the project according to the board (ST or custom) in use.   ​Does this MCU need to manually transplant the BSP of SD card?Why did the F103 and f429 MCU have the corresponding BSP code f...

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MShao.1 by Associate III
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Problem with IDE

Hello, I've got problem with STMCubeIDE. You can see my problem at photos I attached. Can anyone help me to solve this problem. I try to work on Lenovo Legion 5 with Ryzen 5 5600h and RTX3060. Second graphic card is integrated with Ryzen CPU. This pr...

DFDSM injection conversion triggered via internal timer.

Hello, I am trying to do an injection conversion of the DFSDM peripheral with the read process being triggered via an internal timer (TIM1) utilising the HAL drivers. Specifically, I want to set the counter to count up and trigger the read process ev...

SJohn.5 by Associate II
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Bug in STM32CubeIDE/MX RCC clock config? Generated code trying to init LSE but I don't have an LSE nor is there one configured in the clock tree.

Using an STM32L562Q part: configured the clock tree to use LSI, MSI, and HSI48 internal clocks. Odd that RCC_OscInitStruct.OscillatorType = 0x3CCode generator is setting RCC_OSCILLATORTYPE_LSE as one of clocks to init but I don't have an external L...

Grizz by Associate II
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I2C timing setup for STM32L552MEYxP

Hello all,  I have a STM32L552MEY6P. I am using it as a slave and setting an address. Using the MX cube set the speed for 400kHz. I have a Rasberry pi trying to do an address detect. Whenever I turn on the clock stretch, I get a read at address 0x50....

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VThan.2 by Associate III
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