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Resolved! Error in adc.c generated by STM32Cube FW_G4 V1.5.2

Hi all,just found an error preventing the adc from working properly when the driver is generated by STM32Cube FW_G4 V1.5.2 (and 1.5.1).there are some missing lines like this one:sConfig.Channel = ADC_CHANNEL_2; you can compare my 2 attached files to ...

Yves Bmnt by Associate III
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QSPI and SBSFU MPU issue

I have modified the SBSFU for STM32G4 to use external flash. I have firmware updates working, but when i turn on SFU_MPU_PROTECT_ENABLE, I get a 'SFU_EXCPT_MEMORY_FAULT' at the following line within HAL_QSPI_Init(), where the QSPI registers are modif...

Resolved! How to change MCU in STM32CubeMX?

Hello,I tried to change the board in my project from STM32G474CC to STM32G473CC. Both should be pin compatible. I've read different solutions for this in the forum but non of them work. Also the description in UM1718 chapter 11.9. When I follow the s...

DMala.2 by Associate
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Resolved! HRTIM-E1 Interrupt not firing

HRTIMe1 Interrupt needs HRTIM-MASTER Interrupt to fire?I saw similar issue in GitHub but it pertains to Source of fault.Anyway, I am using STM32G4 V1.3 on STMcubeIDE V1.5.1 on win10 machines (2 PCs)It seems that HRTIM-E1 will not fire up the interrup...

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