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Resolved! HRTIM-E1 Interrupt not firing

HRTIMe1 Interrupt needs HRTIM-MASTER Interrupt to fire?I saw similar issue in GitHub but it pertains to Source of fault.Anyway, I am using STM32G4 V1.3 on STMcubeIDE V1.5.1 on win10 machines (2 PCs)It seems that HRTIM-E1 will not fire up the interrup...

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Hi,I am trying to figure out to make HRTIM burst DMA working. I want to update timer period, compare1, compare2, and compare 3 registers by using burst DMA. There is not much information about this. There are two postings in the community posted seve...

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JRyu.1 by Associate
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I am using hrtim to trigger the adc, but if the regular channel is not triggered with hrtim, it doesn't go into the interrupt of the ADC properly, I checked a lot of information and didn't find a solution, here is my code and cubemx configuration:   ...

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iskan by Associate III
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Resolved! Can HRTIM FAULT triggered and reset periodicly?

1. The HRTIM FAULT function can only be triggered once, and reset by software after triggering. So is there any use of hardware periodic triggering (that is, reset immediately after triggering, similar to TripZone in C2000)? I want to use it as a cyc...

ZZhu.1 by Associate
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Why doesn't CubeMX set register HRTIM_TIMxDIER = 0x0008 when I have configured HRTIM Timer A to interrupt on CMP4? It is left at value = 0.

Nucleo F334R8. I setup HRTIM Timer A to generate 2 pulses per HRTIM cycle with Compare 1,2, 3 and 4 registers and this generates the expected outputs. However HRTIM_TIMxDIER is left at 0 by the cube MX code.Under NVIC settings for HRTIM1 I have ticke...

ORidl.1 by Associate
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