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SAI Clock configuration issue: PDM interface

Hello, I am using st CUBE to configure my board to read a single digital mems microphone. From reading RM0433 Table 429  and also AN5027 figure 52 I try to set the clk to SAI1 to be 2.048 but i get an issue that its not possible and can only be set t...

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Bug: Wrong SAI SPDIF Tx bit clock rate

MCU: STM32F446VESTM32CubeIDE 1.7.0 with CubeMX 6.3.0SAI1 block A is configured in SPDIF TX mode, clock audio frequency is set to 44.1KHz.SAI Clock is approximately 2.823529 MHz. HSE freq is 12MHz.As you can see on screenshot "Real Audio Frequency" al...

sintech by Associate
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How to access spdifrx_symb_ck

In the reference manual: there is a clock symbol mentioned called: spdifrx_symb_ck which is ...

etheory by Senior
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STM32H745 SAI DMA Error

hello, i'm using stm32h745 mcu. i want to using SAI interface to use MEMS MIC, ADAU7002 .this sensor transmit 20bit PCM , 22050 hz data.i used CUBEMX and SAI & DMA setting is here.  i can't select SAI interface data size 20bit, so i fixed HAL Driver ...

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hkim.5 by Associate
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Resolved! STM32H743 MDMA can't access AHB2

I have a code that mdma can access any variable feed to it by &var (AXI SRAM) also I have gave it an address of ADC common registers from APB1 but adress from APB2 &hrng.Instance.DR causes HAL_xfer_read_error. Any idea? I know in reference manual it ...

Obtain 48kHz sample rate from SAI on STM32L5

Is it possible to obtain a (theoretical) 48kHz sample rate with 0% error on the STML5's SAI peripheral? So far the clock configuration tool in STM32CubeIDE has been unable to do so.Research led me here, but this is not applicable to a slower clocking...

0693W00000Kd9V6QAJ.png 0693W00000Kd9W9QAJ.png
JTedot by Associate II
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Resolved! SAI slot number bug in CubeMX 6.4.0

Datasheet claims that with FSDEF=0 (FS signal is start frame, not channel identificaion) i can set up number of slots (NSBLOT) to any value. In my case 1. CubeMX claims that it must be equal two (which is not true). When i try to set value to 1, then...