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CubeMX 6.11 USB CDC Code Generation Bug

When i moved to new version of CubeMX and regenerate code for my H7 USB project i got compiler warning about some variables. Here is difference between old and new generated usbd_desc.c file;Old file:static void Get_SerialNum(void) { uint32_t devic...

Eralp by Associate III
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pinout compatible couldn't load

Hi, all,I am trying to port my preconfigured H743 Nucleo board pinout setting to H753ZI Nucleo board, which is pin to pin compatible. I clicked the "list compatible MCU" under the pinout tab, but for some reason, the window just stuck in the loading ...


Resolved! Configuring external SRAM for STM32H743 using CubeMX

Dear ST Community,   I need to use an SRAM with the STM32H743AII6 MCU. When I try to configure the project on CubeMX, a warning appears next to the FMC line. I feel like I should fix this before going further with the configuration. I am curious why ...

jd2 by Associate
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Resolved! Vbat ADC setting is missing in the new version

Hi, i'm using STM32H750VB and i could previously make the Vbat measurement setting under Analog->ADC3 in the old version of cubemx (6.10), but this option has been removed in the new version (6.11). Also the temperature sensor setting is lost.  Is th...

CubeMX610.jpg CubeMX611.jpg
Eralp by Associate III
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