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STM32G4 comparator output can‘t disable the PWM outputs when I want to use the fault protection mechanism。Is there something wrong in STM32CubeIDE configuration?

I tried to do a lot of changes of configuration,but it didn’t work. when I use comparator output as FLT input pin,fault protection works,however it‘s used as FLT_Int signal,it always doesn’t work.Hope your kind help,Thanks!

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lshan.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! How to use COMP1 and COMP2 in STM32H747I-DISCO board?

I could not figure out how I can connect a sine wave signal to the positive input of COMP1 or COMP2 comparators in STM32H747I-DISCO board. According to the STM32CubeMX the comparators positive inputs are on PB0 (COM1_INP) and PB9 (COM2_INP) GPIO, but...

Louie88 by Associate III
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Resolved! Sending comparator to output

Hi.I am working on microcontroller STM32L072KZ and STM32CubeMX.I am trying to set a value of one pin depending on comparator value. I do not know how to do it in STM32CubeMX.I want to do it using only hardware, not software.Can anyone help me?

TWaks.1 by Associate
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dac to comparator does not working interrupt

comparator does not interruptThis function handles TIM6, DAC1 and LPTIM1 interrupts (LPTIM1 interrupt through EXTI line 29). LL_EXTI_LINE_17 ? 17 ? 29 ? @file      : main.c LL_TIM_GenerateEvent_CC1(TIM6); LL_EXTI_EnableIT_0_31(LL_EXTI_LINE_17); LL_EX...

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Ecift.1 by Associate
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